Performance in Teatro América

and working alongside legendary Cuban choreographers

Our dance school obtained a special permission from Cuba in order to participate and perform during two consecutive days in Cuba's largest and most famous theater "Teatro América" in collaboration with the island's legendary choreographers Magén Martinez and Nancy Martinez "Las Jimaguas" both of whom worked, danced and choreographed in Caribbean's most well-known dance establishment "Tropicana". "I could not wish for more than being supported and work together with the legendary choreographers from the Cuba's most prestigious dance establishment" - Milla Serrano Rubio

We created a salsa choreography for kids/teens together, where everyone has choreographed a different part of the song for their own dance group, ending with a common choreography by Milla Serrano Rubio in the last part. The show was a huge success - the bright yellow colours, feather-light Spanish fans that added the distinctive touch typical of Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi, and the pronounced Tropicana-style of Maglen and Nancy Martinez made it a one of a kind unique masterpiece. Both children and adults from Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi performed further Rumba Flamenca shows alongside the young Cuban flamenco dancer Erika Bartelemí Espinosa. The entire presentation ended with all participants - Cuban and Salsa& Flamenco dancers dancing off with "Más Macarena" choreographed by Milla Serrano Rubio.

Pictures from Teatro América in Havana, Cuba 2019

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