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Our dance school

Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi is a part of a cultural non-profit assosiation Cubasalsa, founded a decade ago by the Cuban salsa instructor and event organizer Hamlet Serrano, and driven together with Milla Serrano Rubio.  In January 2015 Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi was created as a spin-off of the many cultural activities of Cubasalsa in Lund, offering mainly two dance styles -  Cuban Salsa and Rumba Flamenca that have been taught at our dance school by different dance instructors. Since last year we also teach Cuban Rumba that is becoming increasingly popular. We are extremely proud of our international and open-minded environment in our school. Our dance students come from many different countries and continents and we therefore teach mostly in English. We focus on performance and participate at different events throughout the year. The school gained international recognition in 2019 after travelling and performing in Cuba and collaborating with famous Cuban dancers.  Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi participated in the Swedish TV program "Sommarlov" in 2020.

Cuban Salsa

Salsa is the most well-known and the most popular of all Latin dance styles! Learn how to dance the Cuban style salsa, no matter how old you are. We have an open level group for girls called Salsa Kidz and Salsa Ladystyling for teens and adults for all levels: beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced. Salsa is incredibly easy and fun to learn. Our Ladystyling classes borrow many traditional elements from the Afrocuban folkloric dances as well as from the extravagant Cabaret Tropicana show style!

Cuban Rumba

Cuban Rumba is considered the mother of Cuban Salsa. It is a folkloric Afrocuban dance with heavy African influence. The music consists mainly of drums and voice only, and other musical instruments are used rarely. The dance itself is very sensual with very pronounced hip and shoulder movement. Even though it is traditionally a partner dance, the dancers dance individually, and women may use accessories such as long skirts, fans and shawls (which you ironically find in flamenco as well).

Rumba flamenca

Flamenco has many different styles and varities and is rather a generic term for a large number of flamenco styles that can be extremely different one from another. At our dance school we focus mainly on Rumba flamenca, or Gypsy Rumba, that has its origins in Cuba, where Rumba, Guaracha and other traditional Cuban dances were "translated" into Flamenco by Spanish flamenco musicians in the 19th century. This glad and festive style was further developed in Andalusia and involves a lot of skirt and prominent hips and shoulder movement that is less visible in other flamenco styles. It is by far the easiest of all Flamenco styles and the most similar to Cuban dance styles in terms of body movement. Rumba Flamenca can be very sensual and passionate, depending on the song, or glad and lively just as Cuban Salsa.

Salsa Ladystling
Rumba Flamenca

Director, Dance Instructor and Choreographer

Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi's founder and dance teacher, Milla Serrano Rubio is a professional  and licensed pedagogue with a long projection and experience in both teaching and dancing. Milla holds three academical degrees - Management, Spanish Philology and Education.

Early years

Milla initiated her artistic career already as a small child, attending the School of Arts with daily music, piano, art, theater, folklore and drama classes and participating in different musicals and shows.


During highschool time in Spain, Milla learned Sevillanas (Flamenco partner dance) and fell in love with Cuban Salsa. After the very first encounter with Salsa at the famous Cuban salsoteca "El Pícaro de la Habana" she started attending social dance every single day and joined a local salsa school in Málaga.


After moving to Sweden in 2008 Milla continued dancing salsa at Impulse Dance Company in Helsingborg.  Few years later she relocated to Lund, and while working as a Spanish and English teacher, she also started her own Latin dance class as a part of the High School program in 2012/2013. She quickly discovered how much she loved to create choreographies and prepare students for performances.

During one of her family trips to Cuba in 2014, in her husband's native Havana, Milla visited Teatró América - one of Cuba's largest and most famous theaters. The shows have inspired her to teach her favourite dance styles back in Sweden. Only a few months later Milla created Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi. The school grew with a speed of light, and participates today with large performance groups of kids, teens and adults at cultural and international events throughout the year.

In April 2019 Salsa & Flamenco Dansakademi travelled to Cuba and performed at Teatro América, the fountain of Milla's original inspiration. Milla collaborated with some of Cuba's most legendary choreographers of the prestigous world-class establishment "Tropicana" and dancers from Cuba's largest flamenco school "Litz Alfonso" which created the choreography for the famous dance video "Bailando" by Gente de Zona.

She took professional masterclasses in Cabaret Tropicana show style, Afrocuban Rumba and Cuban-style Rumba Flamenca with the most prestigious and well-known Cuban choreographers.

Photography: Dajana Kovacevic, Skånska Dagbladet


Interview from Salsa Sommarlund with Milla Serrano Rubio. 2017

Interview from Malmö Salsafestival with Milla Serrano Rubio. 2017

Interview Hallå Lund/Sydsvenskan with Milla Serrano Rubio. 2019

Interview Skånska Dagbladet with Milla Serrano Rubio. 2019